Green Religion


May 25, 2017.

This Green Religion blog is to be spontaneous and interactive.

Posts and writings will be open-ended.

Feel free to post, interact, like, dislike with a respectful comment, and more.

Posts will relate to content such as Environmentalism, Greenism, Naturalism, Earth as focus, Gardening, Art and Culture, but not limited to.

Image: John DeFaro. 2015. Tree Pelt trading drawing. 24 by 30 inches. pencil on paper. Private collection.




NFT’s Oh My!

I recently launched onegoodnft and onegoodnifty on Instagram. I shared a few digital artworks destined to become NFT art. No NFT artworks have been ‘minted’ (created) as of yet. Questions and progress with the implementation of smart environmental practices are in the works. Yet, the launching (dropping/offering) my first series of NFT Artworks has me questioning. Quite a bit.

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